A woman smiling into the camera in Barshaw Park

Hannelie Coetzee

The Not Far? Leave the Car challenge allows everyone who lives, works or studies in Renfrewshire to earn BetterPoints for walking/wheeling, cycling and using public transport. Download the app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page to join in and start earning rewards today!

Hannelie has been using the BetterPoints she has earned to get hot drinks at OneRen's cafe at the Lagoon Leisure Centre and has found switching to the train to get to work to be much easier than she thought. She kindly took the time to tell us about her experience:

I heard about Not Far? Leave the Car through the Team Up to Clean Up Facebook page and joined in April last year.
My husband and I share a car but we don't use it much - really just for shopping and trips at the weekend. My husband works from home and I started a new job in Glasgow recently, so I take the train to work. The train is better than I expected. It's only been a few minutes late twice in three months. People are always friendly and courteous - I really like the interactions I have on my train journeys, that I would never have if I were in a car. When I first started getting the train people were really kind and helpful, which made it easy.
We walk a lot recreationally and for transport. We like to walk in Barshaw Park and to local coffee shops and around Paisley generally. There's a lovely vibe on a Saturday, especially when there are events, and walking around helps us to get to find new local businesses and see what's going on. It helps us get to know people and connect with our community. We want to support community wealth building and being able to spend BetterPoints at local businesses helps that - we'd like to see more independent local businesses in the app!
I'm saving up my BetterPoints to treat myself over the winter. It keeps me motivated to know that I'm earning BetterPoints and I will be able to get myself something nice. I might also support an animal charity with my BetterPoints, as that is something that I'm passionate about.

Hannelie kindly shared a few of her favourite coffee shops, who we'll be following up with to try and secure some more fantastic local vouchers.

If you're already using the app and would like to share your story and be our next Leave the Car Star, look out for the in-app survey.

If not, you can join start earning rewards today - simply download the free app via the buttons or QR below and register with a Renfrewshire postcode (or use the referral code notfarooa if you commute into the area):

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