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I've rediscovered my love of cycling

Congratulations to Susan who is our latest Leave the Car Star

Susan joined the challenge in July and here is what she said about how the BetterPoints app has encouraged her to leave the car at home and be more active:

Since lockdown, I've rediscovered my love of cycling and actually cycled more than I drove last year, covering 3,000 miles by bike. Instead of travelling by car - I try to cycle or walk to the shops, to meet friends and for appointments.
The app has really motivated me to use my car less. Last year I did 8,000 miles in my car and this year it'll be around 2,500 miles instead. I really enjoy the mini challenges where you can earn boosted rewards for visiting parks. I go out of my way to walk and cycle those routes to earn maximum points.
I feel happier, fitter and I'm a stone lighter too. It's second nature now to actively think about cycling rather than using the car for journeys and my pocket is benefiting as I don't need to buy so much fuel. My monthly fuel bill has gone down from around £200 per month to £65.
One of my favourite aspects of the app is collecting all the medals. When I know I'm very close to earning the next one it pushes me on to go further to earn it.

If Susan's story has inspired you to try using your car less, you can join Not Far? Leave the Car by downloading the free BetterPoints app via the buttons below. You will automatically join the challenge if your home postcode is in Renfrewshire but you can also join if you live outside the area but travel into Renfrewshire for work or study - get in touch for a referral code.

Once you are registered, tell us how taking part has helped you to leave the car by taking our survey. Look out for monthly reminders - if your response ends up being used in a case study like this, you will receive 25,000 BetterPoints (that's £25) to spend or donate as you please.

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