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What is BetterPoints and how does it work?


BetterPoints is a free app which encourages local people to record their daily sustainable or healthy activities, such as walking, cycling, taking public transport or attending health and well-being sessions. Users are encouraged through earning rewards, positive feedback, working towards goals and through inspiring stories from other users.


Once users complete activities, they earn BetterPoints which they can spend at businesses or donate to charity.They can also earn BetterTickets which enter them into one of our regular prize draws for pots of BetterPoints or prizes. Each BetterPoints project has a local focus, which is where your business comes in, as we are always looking for local traders to partner with.


Why should I join?


Benefits to businesses include:


- Reaching new customers 🗣

- Aligning your brand with local sustainability and health initiatives 🌳

- Driving footfall to your business or traffic to your website 👣

- Added incremental spend. According to Decathlon, for each £10 voucher redeemed in store, users spent an additional £22 📈

- No risk for businesses, vouchers are paid for by us 🤝


Here's what one of our current traders said aboutBetterPoints:


“It has been very straightforward. The information in the app is clearly presented and we’ve never had any issues. It has brought extra exposure through the app, which has been great. We’ve had a number of first-time customers who found out about us through BetterPoints messages and emails. It has had the benefit of generating extra sales too. A customer will come in with a £2.50 or £5 BetterPoints voucher, but then get some other bits whilst they are here. The added spend is really valuable.”

(Charlie, ZeroStore Leamington Spa)


How can I get involved?


There are 3 ways businesses can get involved. All of the following can be set up online or in-store. Once you fill in the form at the bottom of the page, the BetterPoints local manager will be in touch to talk through the best option for you.


Vouchers/Items: BetterPoints would buy some vouchers or items of a specific value for your business. These could be things from money-off vouchers to coffees to services. We would reimburse you for these directly into your bank account. These are paid on the first Friday of the month on voucher balances over £20.


Discounts: To bring customers to your business, you can offer a discount for BetterPoints users. This could be a general discount in-store, or for a particular product or service.


Sponsorship: We run regular campaigns and competitions, and we are always looking for businesses to partner with. This is usually in the form of prizes in exchange for promotion and collaboration, but we are open to new ideas if you have them. 


If this is of interest, please fill in this form and we’ll call you.

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