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Leave the Car Star: David

The Not Far? Leave the Car challenge allows everyone who lives, works or studies in Renfrewshire to earn BetterPoints for walking/wheeling, cycling and using public transport. Download the app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page to join in and start earning rewards today!

David from Paisley has used Not Far? Leave the Car to get out with his dog, improving his mental and physical health. He has also redeemed vouchers for the Royal Voluntary Service Café at the hospital to treat a friend he was visiting.


“I’ve been in Not Far? Leave the Car for about a year now after seeing an advert in the paper. I’ve found the campaign great, because I’ve got a border collie I’m out with the dog every day, keeping myself active and the dog too! On top of that, it’s been great to keep a record of what I’ve been doing too. 
Since getting the app, it’s changed my travel behaviours. There have definitely been journeys I have changed to sustainable options, plus I’ll be keen to go out on that extra walk too. It’s helped with my general health, and mental health as well.
I’ve recently used a voucher at the Royal Voluntary Service café in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where I picked up two coffees for 1,000 BetterPoints each, as I was visiting someone. On top of the coffee vouchers, while I was there I picked up a couple of biscuits and a tea as well. The staff were excellent, and the voucher was great to use. It’s not a café I go to regularly, but I noticed the offer on BetterPoints and as I was visiting a friend, thought I would give it a go, and I would definitely go again if I’m there.”

If you're already using the app and would like to share your story and be our next Leave the Car Star, look out for the in-app survey.

If not, you can join start earning rewards today - simply download the free app via the buttons or QR below and register with a Renfrewshire postcode (or use the referral code notfarooa if you commute into the area)

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